The Mission

The Search for Atlantis


Like the myths of Troy and the Amazons, will Atlantis be found to be based on reality? The scientific establishment refuses the challenge. Regrettably, their ad hoc disproof of Atlantis was not given the same rigor that any peer review article receives. But Atlantis needs more than peer review; it requires its "day in court" with a competent advocate representing it. So, the challenge is left to those who do not have careers at stake.


There may yet be found clues in the literature that can help lead to a solution to Atlantis. Hundreds, if not thousands, of researchers have kept an eye out for such clues for the past couple of thousand years. One might think that so many intelligent minds actively looking would have exhausted the effort. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If a scientist of the late 1800's could say that humanity had made every major discovery that would ever be made, it becomes clear that some people, no matter how intelligent they may be, cannot see the possibilities in plain sight. Add to that the possibilities that are hidden from view, and there may very well be a great number of possibilities available to us.

The upcoming article, "Relation of Atlantis to Myth," includes an example of what is meant here. There is one myth from Ancient Greece that may be related to the story of Atlantis, but it took over 2,000 years for someone to come up with that connection.

Training a team of researchers to see with creative eyes may very well be the next step in the search for direct proof of Atlantis. An interdisciplinary team, brainstorming old material with fresh perspectives could turn up some unexpected clues.


As with any enterprise, funds are needed to forward the overall goal. Carefully planned, and thoughtfully considered expeditions are another approach to be used to find proof of Atlantis. Each expedition will require equipment, specialists, trained personnel, transport, fuel, food and much more.

The articles, the book, the Atlantis Tours and other fundraising efforts will contribute to the expeditions being planned.


First on the agenda, is to finish writing articles and the book, Mission: Atlantis. Next in line is the development of Atlantis-related activities — lectures, guided tours and more.

Your feedback and ideas are important to this process. Such an enterprise takes a team — not only paid staff, but caring volunteers. Forty years ago, humans first landed on the Moon. Every bit as exciting as is that achievement by the NASA team, is the prospect of uncovering one of the greatest secrets of human prehistory. Where do we find proof of Atlantis? Why don't we find out together?

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