The Book

Atlantis Book

Mission: Atlantis

by Rod Martin, Jr.

The story of Atlantis is a complicated and controversial one. It starts with Plato, but it includes German Nazis, a United States congressman, clairvoyants, charlatans, creative scientists and proof that something very, very big happened when Atlantis sank. These are some of the highlights of this upcoming book.

  • Plato's Atlantis
  • The controversy
  • The location of Atlantis
  • Proof that something big happened 9620 BCE
  • Genetic links across the Atlantic
  • Clues to an Atlantean matriarchy
  • Atlantis in myths around the world
  • The possibility that dragons were real, but mechanical artifacts of Atlantis
  • The geology of Atlantis
  • A biblical connection
  • The children of Atlantis
  • The Great Dark Age — 6,000 years without civilization
  • The foundations of civilization
  • The search for clues
  • Finding proof of Atlantis
  • Performing the mission — what would it take?

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