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A Brief Overview of the Search for Atlantis

Atlantis Quest

Ferreting out the truth in an ancient myth can be a complex undertaking. Read more about the scope of Mission: Atlantis.

Atlantis Articles

Atlantis and Earth Sciences

Eastern hemisphere of Earth against eruption of Mt. Cleveland, Aleutians Islands, Alaska as seen from the International Space Station.
Eastern hemisphere of Earth against the backdrop of an eruption of Mt. Cleveland, Aleutians Islands, Alaska, United States. The view is from the International Space Station.

Atlantis: Three Items of Proof

Atlantis has long been a controversial subject. Most scientists refrain from discussing it. A few discuss it with a great deal of skepticism. Yet we have proof that something big happened right when Plato says the legendary island empire was swallowed by the ocean. Read more about Atlantis and proof that something big happened.

Location of Atlantis

It seems nearly every corner of the globe has been called home to the legendary Atlantis. If Plato's dialogues on the subject were based on true accounts, then there can be no dispute about the location of the lost island empire. Read more about the location of Atlantis

Geology of Atlantis

Plato's mythical Atlantis has been a perennial enigma. Most serious scientists treat the subject with a great deal of skepticism. Even though we have proof that something very big happened the year Atlantis supposedly sank, any discussion of the myth hinges on its geological feasibility. If we can't show that Plato's lost island was geologically possible, then any further discussion is merely an interesting fiction. So, was it physically possible? Based on the principles of geology, the answer is "yes." Read more about the geology of Atlantis

Atlantis Articles

Atlantis and Anthropology

Cro-Magnon skull against the Lascaux, France cave paintings.
A Cro-Magnon skull against the backdrop of a Cro-Magnon cave painting at Lascaux, France.

Relation of Atlantis to Myth

Plato, through his dialogues Timaeus and Critias, tells us that the story of Atlantis is a true and factual account. Could some of the ancient myths be based on factual accounts? There is one myth in Ancient Greek culture that shares an uncanny resemblance to the story of Atlantis, though it does not mention "Atlantis" by name. Coming soon!

Atlantis: Physical and Cultural Anthropology

The refugees of Atlantis had 6,000 years to migrate across Eurasia and throughout the Americas. There may be clues to their existence from North America to the Pyranees and beyond to Southeast Asia. There are possible clues from genetics, biology, linguistics and culture. Coming soon!

Atlantis Articles

Skeptic's Corner

Atlantis and the Art of Skepticism

There are many skeptics of Atlantis. There are also many websites that purport to be wise with skepticism about "crazy ideas," yet many of their arguments are shaky at best. Too often ad hominem (a logical fallacy) is used to attempt to discredit an idea. Such ridicule is always a weak attempt and a poor substitute for facts and logic. Part of the problem seems to stem from a confusion. There seem to be at least two types of skepticism. Here we discuss the differences, the similarities and that which sets skeptical restraint far above its darker cousin, skeptical ridicule. Read more about Atlantis and the Art of Skepticism.

Arguments Against Atlantis

The proof is in the pudding, or so the saying goes. Proving the existance of Atlantis, if indeed it did exist, remains difficult because of the nature of its disappearance — three kilometers down to Davy Jones locker. Wouldn't it be easier merely to disprove Atlantis? There are so many who are skeptical against its existence. Well, disproving Atlantis proves to be equally difficult and possibly a tad more. Read more about Arguments Against Atlantis.

Grading the Skeptics

Try this on for a little debating fun. This article turns the tables on the skeptics and puts their arguments under the microscope — being skeptical of their skepticism. But it also brings a challenge. For all skeptics, this is an invitation to grade this website. Do a good enough job, and your write-up will be posted. We also challenge anyone to give us a really good argument against Atlantis. Read about the grades and why they were given to the Atlantis skeptics.

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