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Delta Pavonis

A very ancient star, Delta Pavonis is slightly less massive than our own sun, but has already entered old age on its way to becoming a red giant. One estimate places its age at more than two and a half times that of Sol and Earth (11.4 x 109 years), and the star's metallicity is roughly twice that of our sun1.

In fiction, Delta Pavonis is home to the planet Caladan and the House Atreides in Frank Herbert's highly acclaimed novel, Dune. This star has also been listed as the "Best SETI target" in a survey of nearby stars2.

Does Delta Pavonis have an ancient, Earth-like planet? If it does, what would it be like? And with its sun 18% hotter than before, would life be able to survive? Find out more by clicking on the "Planets" button, below.

star system vitals - facts about this alien sun

Star System Vitals

Including temperature, mass, radius, and more.


sky map and alien skies

Sky Map and Alien Skies

How to find the star system in our skies, plus what the night skies look like there, all compared to our own Solar system.


3D view of nearby stars

Astronomical 3D View

Where to find the star system in relation to its neighbors.


extrasolar planets - our search for Earth like planets

Extrasolar Planets

Specs on any known planets, plus the system's "eco-zone" — where Earth-like worlds might exist.


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