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Galaxy City Neighborhoods:

 Galaxy City Neighborhood: Amazon

Books: Astronomy Atlases
Marco Polo didn't have a map, but his father knew the way. Columbus had a map but missed India by thousands of miles. What will you do with your maps? Imagine the adventure!

Books: Astronomy Children
Children can have big imaginations. Fill their minds with something real. It's a big universe. Isn't it time they knew something about it?

Books: Astronomy Galaxies
Our sun is one of billions of stars in our Milky Way "galaxy city." But this is only one of billions of galaxies. Now, aren't you impressed! Wouldn't you like to know more?

Books: Astronomy Planets
There were 9, then there were 8 (sorry, Pluto!), then there were hundreds. The universe is teeming with planets. Maybe we're not alone, after all.

Books: Astronomy Stars
For every planet like Earth, there is a "sun" giving it warmth. Stars are nuclear furnaces. So much depends on them. But there is also great variety amongst them.

Books: Astronomy General
There is far more to the universe than stars, planets and galaxies. Black holes, quasars, bright and dark nebulae, brown dwarfs and much more. It's your universe.

Books: Space Travel
Dozens of men and women have left the planet. Some have visited the moon. And probes have scouted the Solar system for a closer look. Share the adventure.

Software: Astronomy
Explore the universe from your computer. Get a feel for what it's like to travel amongst the planets and stars. The adventure just gets better and better.

Software: Space Games
It's all about adventure, and the stakes are high.

There are new worlds out there! Get a telescope, by all means, but plan to get one with a motorized drive and computer built in. The universe is calling. You'll be glad you did.

Video: Space
Whether the video is about fiction or fact, the adventure comes vividly alive.

 Galaxy City Neighborhood: Imaginova

Software: Astronomy
Imaginova's Starry Night division produces this software. The company also brings us, a premier site on the internet for space news. Need we say more? They have the adventure in their blood! Check it out.

Imaginova's Orion division produces most of their telescopes and has done so successfully since 1975. Check out their wide variety of scopes.
 Galaxy City Neighborhood: Cafe Press

More Space and Astronomy Coming Soon!

 Galaxy City Neighborhood: Potpourri

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