Carl Martin
Carl Martin
At home in Cebu, Philippines

Writer, Artist &
Software Engineer
Welcome. Feel free to take a tour of my site. If you want to know more about what I'm currently working on, click on projects.
I started my art career early, at age three. The drawing I so dutifully executed, of candle and ribbon, was repeated by me several times over the next dozen years for school projects and family Christmas cards. But I was not satisfied with art alone.
At age eight, I began my career as a writer, composing a science fantasy about Hercules floating through space in a block of ice. To my surprise, years later, I saw an image of this on a billboard decorating the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.
When my father worked in the space industry, during the '60's, I helped him with diagramming logic flow charts. Mathematics in high school was easy and fun. Later, when the opportunity arose, I found myself programming computers. First, it was using the CP/M operating system on my Osbourne "portable" computer. I was hooked on software development.
There is much more to tell. You might want to check out the background page for a look at my wide and varied experiences.
While you are at it, peruse the creations page for samples of writing, art and software.
Right now, I'm relaxing by the sea, doing a little programming and working on a new book, The Bible's Hidden Wisdom, God's Reason for Noah's Flood. My wife, Juvy, and I live in Cebu, Philippines. We thank you for stopping by.



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