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Atlantis: Proof that Something Very,
Very Big Happened 9620 BCE

by Rod Martin, Jr.

Atlantis Proof - Space Shuttle Atlantis
The allure of the name, Atlantis, is compelling. One of America's space shuttles was named for the fabled lost island.
Atlantis Proof - space

According to the Greek philosopher, Plato, approximately 9,600 years before the Common Era, a large island was swallowed by the sea. Atlantis is the subject of popular fiction, an icon of fanatical debate, and the name of one of America's space shuttles.

Is there any truth behind the myth?

In 2002, while researching the background for a novel, I found three items of scientific evidence that may help to answer that question. They may not yet prove Atlantis was real, but they do prove that something big happened when Atlantis supposedly sank.

Proof? Incredible! Yes and each item of proof supports the hypothesis that the destruction of Atlantis was a real event. Each item of evidence could have been caused by the destruction of Plato's legendary island empire.

3 Items that Prove Something Big Happened 9620 BCE, The Year Atlantis Died
  1. An abrupt and major change to climate worldwide.
  2. A moderately large trace of volcanic debris in the Greenland ice cores.
  3. A sudden, 2-meter drop in sea levels worldwide.
Atlantis Proof - Abrupt Climate Change, 9620 BCE
After a 1300-year return to Ice Age conditions, during the period known as the Younger Dryas, Earth's climate found itself suddenly warmer. Within half a century, climate had warmed significantly worldwide.
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The first item refers to the Younger Dryas, a 1300-year return to Ice Age conditions, after thousands of years of gradual warming. The abrupt start of the Younger Dryas has one widely accepted theory regarding a large, freshwater flood from the deglaciation of North America. The end of this period, however, is not as readily understood. If the Younger Dryas mini-Ice Age was caused by a cap on the thermohaline circulation in the North Atlantic, what could have broken that cap?

Most current estimates place the end of the Younger Dryas at about 9620 BCE. If Atlantis existed, and if it was between one and two times the size of Texas, an overnight collapse would likely have created a mega-tsunami as much as a kilometer or two high at landfall. It is easy to imagine such a wave stirring up the Atlantic with sufficient force to break the freshwater cap that started the Younger Dryas. Are there other possible sources for this sudden climatic shift? Of course there are. This one item does not prove Atlantis. By itself, it is merely an interesting coincidence with Plato's date.

Atlantis Proof - Volcanic Trace in Greenland Ice Cores, 9620.77 BCE
GISP2 survey ice cores show a moderately large volcanic trace right at the end of the Younger Dryas — 9620.77 BCE.
Atlantis Proof - space

The second item comes from the GISP2 survey — ice cores that detail the content of air over the last tens of thousands of years. About 9620.77 BCE volcanic debris found its way to Greenland from somewhere in the world. Perhaps a chemical signature might tell the source location, but it might be difficult to know for certain what flavors volcanoes were belching so long ago. This moderately large volcanic trace tapers off over the next two or more years. Was this from Atlantis? The date is close enough to be a match. And such an event as the collapse of Atlantis would likely have been accompanied by volcanic eruptions. The traditional location of Atlantis, at the Azores, is a field of volcanic activity astride the Africa-Eurasia tectonic plate boundary.

Atlantis Proof - A 2-meter drop in sea levels worldwide, 9620 BCE.
A 1989 Nature magazine article shows a 2-meter drop in sea levels worldwide at the end of the Younger Dryas — 9620 BCE. If this measurement is a proxy for a real event, then we have our smoking gun in the case of Atlantis' death.
Atlantis Proof - space

The third item is from a 1989 article in Nature magazine (Vol. 342, 7 December 1989). A graph of 17,000 years of sea level change shows a sudden drop in sea level at the end of the Younger Dryas (approximately 9620 BCE). On the original chart, the date was different, but the dates were less accurately known then. However, the slowdown in sea level rise during the Younger Dryas is quite apparent on the graph. Right before sea level rise accelerated (at the end of the Younger Dryas), there was approximately a 2-meter drop in sea levels worldwide.

Anywhere else on the graph, such a small blip would have remained unnoticed. Is this drop a proxy for some real tectonic collapse? Certainly this needs corroboration. What is significant about the magnitude of this drop in sea level is that it is equivalent to the drop one would expect from a Texas-sized plot of land collapsing 1000 meters somewhere in the oceans of Earth. In our Goldilocks fairytale, this amount is "just right" — a perfect fit for Atlantis.

Was Atlantis geologically feasible? Yes, but that is the subject of another article.

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"Proof that Something Very Big Happened"
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We finally have proof in support of Atlantis. Three items of scientific evidence, from three different disciplines, tell us that something very big happened when Plato's Atlantis was swallowed by the sea. This electronic article is packed with more information, references, charts, maps and diagrams. The implications of this article are profound. You owe it to yourself to investigate this further. If anything could change the meaning of history, this may very well be it. (PDF format, 8.5x11", full color, version 1.02, 888 KB, 10 pages.)
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