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Atlantis and Gadirus, 9620 BCE
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Edge of Remembrance
A    N  O  V  E  L    B  Y    C  A  R  L    M  A  R  T  I  N
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Pos, Atlan at sunset, Autumn 3, 9620 BCE
These are the circular canals and government buildings of Pos, Atlan, 9620 BCE. And this is the eve of their destruction.
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Six thousand years before history began, one woman would save the future of civilization. Because of it, myth would remember her as a goddess.

Only a few Atlanteans would escape with their lives from the tectonic collapse. Afterward, Merla Volsinii would be reluctant to lead the remains of humanity. Yet her successes as scientist, military commander, and hero of Kundelé would make her the perfect choice to rebuild and protect their fragile hope.

Merla Volsinii died 11,578 years ago. What possible effect could she have had on our lives?

Answer: Everything you see around you. Without her dedication and wisdom, civilization would not exist as it does today.

Only by luck did she discover the problem in time.

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