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Extrasolar Planets 3D View

Red "orbits" icons mark those stars known to have planets.
3D views from "Stars in the NeighborHood" software.
Only a handful of the planetary systems discovered so far exist within the Solar neighborhood.* The illustration, here, shows 28 planetary systems, some of which have multiple planets.

Move your mouse cursor over the image to rotate the view. The only star system that doesn't move is our sun, at the center. Move your cursor to the center and the scale jumps from 32 to 16 parsecs (104.4 to 52.2 light years). This last image shows the four closest known planetary systems to our own — Gliese 876, Mu Arae, Upsilon Andromedae, and Epsilon Eridani.

*Solar neighborhood — A cube of space approximating the distance within which our sun is still visible to the unaided eye. That distance is roughly 16 parsecs (52.2 light years), or a cube 32 parsecs (104.4 light years) on a side.