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Astronomy Software

astronomy software closeup for Stars in the Neighborhood
Windows astronomy software, "Stars in the NeighborHood" (closeup).

Stars in the NeighborHood

Every starship needs a good navigation and guidance system. SpaceSoftware.Net does not sell the starship, but for 3D navigation, Stars in the NeighborHood is indispensible.

With it, you get a clear view of our stellar neighborhood and beyond. You have control over what is displayed. With a simple mouse click, you can deselect batches of stars by type so you can focus on others. Scroll buttons allow you to visit other parts of our galactic region, settling on the Hyades cluster or moving all the way out to the Pleiades.

Not only do you have the power to view our neighborhood in 3D, but you can also view the stars as one might in the night sky. And yes, you can view any night sky including thousands of alien ones. Think of all the exciting discoveries you can make with this astronomy software. Combined with your telescope viewing, "Stars in the NeighborHood" is a powerful addition to your star gazing adventure.

Astronomical data is available by selecting a star, and there are numerous ways to accomplish that. Data includes the various names and catalog numbers given to the star, plus vital statistics such as visual magnitude, spectral and luminosity classes, coordinates, distance from Earth, and orbital parameters for stars found in multiple systems.

Another click of the mouse allows you to toggle markers which visually flag the stars known to have planets. You can also add your own color markers to keep track of the stars that interest you. And you can add notes to each star to record your thoughts and findings.

And there are many more features.

Such adventure is surprisingly affordable. You can learn more at the Astronomy Software website, SpaceSoftware.Net.  
Astronomy Software - Stars in the NeighborHood
One view of the astronomy software, "Stars in the Neighborhood."