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Atlantis Notes:

Tectonic Plate Movement

Focus on the last 78 million years

As you can tell from the animated GIF file on the previous page, Africa rotates from its snug position with South America up toward Eurasia.

At 65 Mya (million years ago), we see the K-T boundary — the moment between the Cretacious and Terciary when the dinosaurs disappeared.

This sequence helps to understand the movements of tectonic plates before present time. Of course, as with any graphic representation, decisions or assumptions have been made. One obvious decision was to have the coastlines remain unchanged over this period of time. I don't doubt that the developer understood this error and opted to show the more familiar coastlines in order to focus on the overall movement, rather than attempt greater visual accuracy. For instance, the lakes shown in East Africa are part of the Great Rift Valley which did not begin its formation there until about 15 Mya, after the formation of the Red Sea and the breakoff of the new Arabia plate.

And, of course, this illustration does not show Atlantis.

A new book about Atlantis is currently in the works — Mission: Atlantis.


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